We promote live public debate events that are accessible, competitive and fun, for adults. Anyone can participate or host their own debate event with our simple format and criteria.

Photo of a trendy coworking space filled with millennial hipsters. Exposed brick walls and string lights set a casual vibe. Attendees, dressed in rela
Photo of a trendy coworking space filled with millennial hipsters. Exposed brick walls and string lights set a casual vibe. Attendees, dressed in rela

Welcome To

Super Debate is more than just a debate club. We’re a movement, championing the art of intellectual discourse as a tool for community engagement, personal development, and social impact.

By creating a platform for people to engage in friendly yet competitive debate, we’re fostering a space for critical thinking, knowledge exchange, and public speaking skills development.

Why Should You Debate?

Empathy Through Understanding

Debate requires participants to explore and engage with different viewpoints, promoting empathy, open-mindedness, and respect for opposing ideas.

Cultivate an Informed World

Participate in meaningful discussions that foster a culture of open dialogue, intellectual growth, and mutual understanding, contributing to a more compassionate and informed world.

Own Your Arguments

Debate demands intellectual honesty and the ability to defend one's stance with evidence, resulting in a more informed, responsible, and accountable society.

Empower Your Communication

Master critical thinking, problem-solving, and persuasive communication skills through debate. These skills transfer to various aspects of life, enhancing personal and professional growth.

Discover Our Engaging Debate Format


Super Debate offers a streamlined, semi-structured format for engaging two-person debates. Drawing from traditional competitive styles, our 30-minute rounds keep discussions focused and accessible.

With flexibility at its core, our format empowers community members to judge and score debates. Customize your experience by extending speeches or involving extra debaters, ensuring lively and enriching discussions for all.

Anyone Can
Judge Debates

Each spectator can judge each debater, giving them 3-5 points for their performance in each of these 5 categories:

  1. Organization and Clarity
  2. Use of Argumentation and Logic
  3. Use of Examples and Evidence
  4. Persuasiveness of Communication
  5. Overall Performance
The higher total scoring debater (15-25) wins the debate!
Super Simple!

Launch Your Own
Super Debate Club

  1. Secure a Location – A class room, local café, bar, or coworking space will do
  2. Set a Date – Create an event page and invite friends or rivals to participate
  3. Select Topics – Discuss anything from vegan ethics to the complexities of war
  4. Follow Our Format – Use our easy debate format and let the audience decide the winner
  5. Keep the Momentum – Enjoyed it? Repeat steps 3 & 4 and invite more people

Interested in starting a Super Debate?
Reach out to us, and we’ll help you get started.

Small Actions,

Big Impact

By supporting a Super Debate, you’re doing your part to promote an engaged community, radical empathy, deep understanding of complex issues, and your own self-improvement.

Contact Us

Ask us anything about getting involved!

Super Debate Resources

We made it super easy to start your own local Super Debate!
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