How To Create a Super Debate

Are you tired of the constant arguing and division in today’s society? Are you looking for a way to make a positive impact in your community? Look no further than Super Debate – a community-centered organization that promotes open-minded engagement through local debate events.

Our mission is to create a world where people are more informed, compassionate, and accountable through the art of debate. Unlike arguing, debate requires understanding both sides of an argument, promoting empathy and accountability for one’s own arguments. Our debate format is influenced by traditional policy, parliamentary, and Lincoln-Douglas debate formats and is open to anyone, anywhere.

But why should you join Super Debate? Not only will you improve your own cognitive and rhetorical skills, but you will also be able to bring your community together in a casual environment, fostering connection and community engagement. You will be able to choose the topics that matter most to your community, and provide a platform for different perspectives to be heard.

But why stop at just joining Super Debate? We are currently looking for individuals to start their own local Super Debate. As a local Super Debate organizer, you’ll have the opportunity to make a positive impact in your community, improve your leadership and organizational skills and be a part of a community that promotes open-minded engagement.

Starting a Super Debate is easy, all you need is a venue, a date, and a topic. We provide all the resources and support you need to run your own local Super Debate. Sign up today and let’s start a conversation in your community.


The status quo of media and culture incentivizes hyperbolic and inflammatory rhetoric instead of well-articulated, thoughtful arguments. This leaves us perpetually squabbling over problems rather than working together towards real solutions. Super Debate normalizes the cultivation and appreciation of cognitive and rhetorical skills in a way that sets the foundation for a new form of public intellectual, inspiring millions to pursue open-minded, rational thought. A world in which Super Debates proliferate is a world in which we can get together, share our perspectives, agree to disagree, and solve real problems.

Join us in making a positive impact in your community and in society as a whole. Sign up to start your own local Super Debate today.

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